I'm Ray Woollams, a.k.a. Ray Ray. BBQ and the passion for it started when I moved to Frisco, a small snow town in Colorado, America. It was 2002, the middle of winter and I was sharing an apartment with a few mates. The only way to BBQ was charcoal grill. I loved the challenge of cooking with charcoal and timber and after many a night of learning the hard way, the art of low and slow cooking has become not just a necessity, but now it is a fully fledged passion.


14 years later, I have seized the opportunity to turn my passion for American Style BBQ into my living. 


I have had a custom made mobile BBQ created so I can not only cook in style but I can come to the Market, Festival or Event near you.


Where possible I'm also joining up with my mates and entering BBQ Wars and Competitions to perfect the art of my cooking too.


I look forward to sharing with you my Cooking journey and triumphs as I keep on making my passion for BBQ my way of life.


If you want to chat and see how I can bring Low and Slow BBQ to you, get in contact.